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An easy way to maintain optimal indoor comfort in your Springfield, MO, home is to change your HVAC filters regularly. Replacing air filters is an inexpensive investment of time and money that helps to keep your heating and cooling equipment in tiptop condition. Here’s how:

Promotes Energy Efficiency and Keeps Utility Bills In Line

Anything that interferes with HVAC performance decreases energy efficiency, costs you money and causes wear and tear on the system. Dirty filters block the free-flow of air through your heating and cooling equipment, so your system has to work harder to keep you comfortable. Clean air filters support optimal HVAC performance, and high performance translates into lower energy bills. In most cases, changing the filter every month is enough to keep clogs from blocking airflow, but if you have pets, you may need to replace your filters more often.

Protects Your HVAC System From Damage

Clogged filters can harm your entire HVAC system. The longer the system operates with a dirty filter, the worse the damage will be. Pricey HVAC repairs could result, or you might have to replace the system when you least afford to. To avoid these undesirable outcomes, change your filters regularly, and don’t skimp on annual HVAC maintenance. You’ll reduce the potential for costly HVAC repairs and premature equipment replacement. You’ll also benefit by reducing respiratory problems.

Improves Indoor Air Quality for a Healthier, Happier Home

Dirty filters pollute your HVAC equipment and your indoor air. When heated or cooled air pass through a dirty filter, it absorbs contaminants and blows them directly into your living space. The polluted air could be loaded with bacteria, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, viruses, dirt, pet dander and other allergens that aggravate respiratory conditions, set off allergic reactions and cause headaches, flu-like symptoms and eye, ear, nose and throat irritations. Keep your indoor air quality high by replacing your filters at least once every month.

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