Goff Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Choosing an Air Conditioning repair specialist can be a difficult task in the Springfield, Missouri with so many independent HVAC contractors and companies to choose from. We’re here to help make that decision easier. GOFF Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is one of the largest installers of furnaces and Air Conditioners in the Springfield area. Our repair technicians are available 24 hours a day.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

It has been said that a high average of service calls are due to one very important fact. You must perform maintenance on your equipment regularly.

Did you know? If your car was used as often as your furnace and air conditioner, it would have traveled over 200,000 miles in a year. Impossible you say? Well it’s not. Your home heating and cooling system operates approximately 3200 hours in a year. If you traveled 3200 hours at 65 mph in your car you would have changed your oil 66 times, used 4 sets of tires, performed 4 tune-ups and flushed your cooling system 3 times.

No one would drive that many miles without performing any maintenance and expect for things to function properly. Just like your car, your system needs a tune up and lubrication and cleaning. By performing a precision tune up on your system, you minimize the chance of breakdowns – saving energy and extending the life of your system.

The Best Tune Up In Town

Precision Air-Conditioning Tune-Up Benefit

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Increased cooling capacity and efficiency.

Extended equipment life.

Lower utility bills by reducing energy consumption and waste.

Fewer repairs and improved system reliability.

Our Exclusive Precision Tune-Up Procedure Includes, As Needed

Check and offer to program thermostat.

Thoroughly clean or replace standard air filter(s), Offer to replace upgrade filter if necessary.

Adjust and thoroughly clean blower motor and wheel assembly as needed, when accessible.

Check outdoor fan motor bearings. Lubricate if possible.

Thoroughly clean outdoor condenser coils.

Test system for proper airflow and air delivery.

Test and measure air-conditioning system for proper temperature and capacity.

Test system starting and running capacitors.

Monitor refrigerant (Freon) pressures and temperatures.

Clean and inspect condensate drain lines and fittings.

Check that condensing unit is level.

Inspect, tighten, and test all electrical connections, including disconnect switch.

Test and record starting and running amperes, line and control voltages.

Test all controls, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, motors, and fans.

Lubricate blower motor bearings as well as other moving parts as necessary.

Complete and present full written report.

Test and record super-heat and sub-cooling. Compare with factory specifications.

Clean and inspect evaporator coil and drain pan when readily accessible.

Advise customer on other ways to reduce energy consumption, improve safety and enhance comfort.